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Kerry Kagiri

I am a public speaker with over 10 years experience on radio and TV, I am also corporate event host, voice over & performing artist.

About Kerry Kagiri

About Kerry Kagiri

Kerry Kagiri is a creative media practitioner with a passion to impact others using her God-given skills in speaking, singing, dance, and acting to spread joy and hope both in Africa and the rest of the world. From performing as a child to hosting a breakfast show and corporate events, Kerry is ready to ensure any group or individual has a great experience on this side of heaven by equipping and entertaining.

Speak with Kerry

Speak With Kerry

Clear communication is a skill we can all learn, whether for the stage, parties, board meetings, or even within our family. My deepest desire is for you to learn how to use your voice and your body to communicate and deliver what God has put inside you and be a blessing to generations.

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Life on Life

Life on Life

Growing up, I always desired to have someone who could pass their life experiences on to me and make the path easier. Life on Life is a program that gathers all ages together to share hope, to bring affirmation and to share on how to live life by God’s design.

Event Host

Event Host

My passion for people makes me a great fit for hosting all sorts of events. Understanding crowds and having great experience in what you desire for your attendees is what I deliver. Every year I have had the honor of hosting events with thousands ranging from corporate, weddings, festivals, get-togethers and more. Book me for your next event and get ready for an excellent time filled with great energy, laughter, and purpose.

Professional Voice-overs

A good clear, engaging voice can sell anything! I bring more than a decade of experience from hosting national TV and radio programs, theatre, and other audio productions into my voiceovers. Let me help pass information to your desired audience with great clarity, pomp, and boldness. Whether it is advertisements, documentaries, public service announcements, I provide a one-stop-solution for all your voiceover needs.

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